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Structured water & Plants

Hexagonal structured water speeds up the growth of plants, extending the blossoming time while simultaneously making them stronger and more resilient to pests and weather fluctuations.

Testimonial on English beans

Hello.  This energized water has some amazing features!
In a test with English beans, Runner type, we did a comparison of germination using rainwater and AcquaPhi water.  Both seeds were planted in the same soil type (Palaterrasubstrat).

In the case of AcquaPhi after 6 days the bean was already grown strongly. The other bean with rainwater was not out yet.
Usually, these beans begin to sprout after 7- 10 days.  In the picture, the bean has 1 day old.!

Great result.!

Many greetings
René Winkler
Green lawn and Culture International GmbH
Annette-Kolb-Ring 37-18106 Rostock

In the following test, the images show the difference in growth between lettuce seeds watered with regular tap water and those watered with structured AcquaPhi water.

Structured water & Plants growt
Test using seeds of lettuce. On the left watered with regular tap water, on the right with AcquaPhi structured water
structured water test with seeds

Effects on plants.

Test with lentils.
On the left with regular tap water, on the right with AcquaPhi structured water.

activated water growth test on plants

Effects on plants

Test with bean seeds.
On the left with regular tap water, on the right with AcquaPhi structured water.

Our clients report that structured water seems to:

  • Increase yields between 15% to 30%
  • Increase water absorption in soil
  • Increase bio-availability of water and nutrients to plants
  • Increase oxygen concentration
  • Improve soil pH
  • Increase weight and size of product
  • Increase shelf life of produce
  • Increase seed germination
  • Prevent and remove scaling
  • Reduce fertilizer and pesticide needs
  • Reduce disease in livestock and animal breeding
  • Reduce disease in aquaculture industry
  • Reduce electrical bills
  • Reduce energy and wear on pumps that move the water

A recent research conducted by the University of Agriculture of Reggio Calabria (Italy) proved that using structured water, olive plants absorb 15,3% more carbon dioxide. This means, that the metabolic functions related to photosynthesis of the plant are more efficient.


Alternative Irrigation Methods: Structured Water in the context of a Growing Global Food Crisis due to Water Shortages

University of Colorado, Boulder CU Scholar Undergraduate Honors Theses
Spring 2014 - by Fabian Ptok

Structered Water - Effects on plants