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AcquaPhi All in One

All-in-One provides up to 75Liters per hour of nanofiltered, fresh, dynamized structured water for all your needs.
Creative and intelligent solutions

The model  All in One is the combination of a water dynamizer AcquaPhi with  one of the best nanofiltration water filter actually on the market.

Innovative design

Also this model has been entirely
designed using the mathematical value of Phi and pigreco.

The device contains a hollow-fiber nanofilter able to filters nearly all but not the minerals (nutrients). In this way we do not have the problems of RO and the lack of minerals. 

Water Flow & Spec
All-in-One is available in two configurations:

All-in-One 32 with a water flow of 60 Lt/h and a 32mm nano-filter with a life span of 5 years ( or 20.000 liters) 

All-in-One 40 with a water flow of 75 Lt/h and a 40mm nano-filter with a minimum life span of 10 years ( or 40.000 liters). 

Filter regeneration
Backwash system

All-in-One provides a super easy backwash system for the periodic cleaning and regeneration of the filters.

We recommend to clean the filter at least 1 time per month: reverse the flow for 5 minutes and drain the waste water: flush the filter in forward direction without consuming for 2 – 3 minutes and backwash the filter again for 5 minutes. Repeat this procedure for 3 times to get a full cleaning of the filter …

Patented technology with 0,005 micron nanofiltration at low pressure.

We use a low pressure nano-filtration with a MWCO of circa 60 Da or 0,005 µm; this means that we are able to skim all chemical elements depending on the state of molecules …multivalent and some divalent ions will be reduced while most mono valent will pass.

So we will lower the salt contents … average 50 - 60%: depending on case by case situations, we can say that we reduce also the lower weight molecules but not in a way that conventional water softening device do by adding chemicals.

Max operating pressure for this filter is 2 bar.


Our filter provides Safe Drinking Water by 'single - step' hollow fiber low pressure nanofiltration technology, assuring a 100% micro-biological blockage and protects against chemical warfare & microbial attacks!

The filters are cleanable by Back-Wash & Flush and have very long shelf life. This results in an estimated lifespan of 5 up to 10 years and more: no more spare parts or filter changes ... unique on the market! 

Our filtration features exceed the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), with tests are according the American Public Health Association (APHA) & US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). For Europe, we have CE Certification and has FDA & TÜV approval.. The filter STOPS all micro-biological contaminants ànd dangerous toxic pollutants!

Recent laboratory test results also show a complete microbiological protection and important reductions of dangerous toxics as like medical waste, petrol & oil derivates, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, micro plastics, asbestos. 

Significant reductions of heavy metals like Arsenic, Lead, Mercury...Also reduces Chlorine, Fluoride, Uranium U238 (>93%!) and virtual all other toxics!!