AcquaPhi PRO

AcquaPhi Pro

Professional Use
Pipe 1” Inox Aisi316L
Dimension: 66x32x34 cm
Water flux: ~2400 Lt/hour

AcquaPhi Family

AcquaPhi Family

Domestic Use
Pipe 3/4” Inox Aisi316L
Dimension: 45x24x26 cm 
Water flux: ~1600 Lt/hour

AcquaPhi Mini

AcquaPhi Mini

Small house/apartment
Small & Portable
Pipe 1/2” Inox Aisi316L
Dimension: 35x18x18 cm
Water flux: ~1000 Lt/hour

AcquaPhi Micro Light

AcquaPhi Micro

Domestic Use - Single Tap
Small & Portable
Pipe 3/8” Inox Aisi316L
Dimension: 25x18x18 cm
Water flux: ~400 Lt/hour


All models have the same structural and functional characteristics and differ only in the water flow.  
Our units complement and empower every filtration system already in use.
Construction Quality

All internal pipes and connections are in Inox Aisi316 to prevent corrosion .

PHI Design

Construction parameters have been entirely
based upon the mathematical value of Phi and piGreco.
The hydraulic system
follows the geometry of DNA, which has been theorized to act as an antenna for the energy fields that surround us.

AcquaPhi Water dynamizers
Meta Materials

AcquaPhi utilizes a specialized matrix of meta-materials which, without direct contact with the water, have the ability to influence the molecular structure of water by way of emanating frequencies.

Totally Free Maintenance

AcquaPhi doesn't require electricity or periodic substitution of parts or other accessories, therefore, is virtually a maintenance-free, life-time machine.

AcquaPhi BIG
For agriculture and industrial use 
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Operational Pressure Max 6 bar

Height 170 cm, Width 120 cm
In and Out Reversable

bio dynamic agriculture
Water Flux: ~ 16.500 lt/h

Operational Water temperature 0°C - 60°C