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AcquaPhi. The Company

Born in Berlin in 1969. In 1995 Christian graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a thesis developed in collaboration with Bosch-Germany.

After working for more than 10 years as Technical Manager and Training Specialist in a research center Fiat / Bosch, he spent few more years in Mercedes Benz-Italy until 2009 when he resigned to fully dedicate himself to the AcquaPhi project and continue his researches in the field of bioenergy and mathematical connections.

In 201o he founded AcquaPhi and in 2012 started the distribution of the first water dynamizers AcquaPhi. 

I envision a living Machine in harmony with the life-force present in nature.

Ing. Christian Lange - 2001

Publications / Achievements

  • August 2002

    Article: Der Goldene Winkel (Golden Angle)

    Discovery of the Geometry of the Egg with the Golden Section Proportions.

    Article: Potenzierung von Phi - Vorschlag für Harmonisches Musiksystem
    Publication: German magazine Implosion.

    Preliminary Proposal for a Music System based on Powers of the Golden Ratio Phi.

  • January 2006


    Patent: "Wasserwirbel-Ei zur bioenergetischen Harmoniserung Energetisierung und der Umgebung." A Bioarmonizzatore based on the interface of the geometry of the egg to the Golden Section with Whirlpool (an application of the "Vorteggs Project").

  • September 2006


    Golden Music of the Solar System at Castle of Charles V, organized by the four elements of Monopoly. The mathematical relationship of the Golden Ratio Phi = 1.6180339 ... is present everywhere in nature—from the atom to the galaxies—and represents the proportion of the universal divine. Next steps will be directed towards developing musical sound waves based upon the Golden Section.

    Universal Phi based music system

  • December 2006

    The Vorteggs Project.

    Interview on Borgo di Monopoli (The Machinery of Life). Subject: The Vorteggs Project.

    Article: Vorteggs Project. Proposal for a machine in perfect harmony with nature based on the Egg to the Golden Section that houses a whirlpool with the ability to generate electricity, an anti-gravity force, and a harmonic field of benefit to the welfare and health of living beings.

    Publication: Nexus magazine (N ° 65.66 and 67: The Energy of the Vortex.)

  • June 2007

    Article: Series Fibonacci Golden Ratio and the Golden Section in Ovaloid; Connections with the String Theory.

     The paper deals with the geometry of the egg to the Golden Section and the numbers of the music system Phi ^ (n / 9) in the context of theoretical physics. Published in the library of CNR jointly with Michael Nardelli.

  • January 2008

    Article: Musiksystem Phi nach und der Forellenmotor.

    Interpretation of the geometry of Repulsine Schauberger (Engine Trout) according to the numbers of the music system based on the golden section. Publication: German magazine Implosion.
    November 2008 article: Music System Golden Phi (n / 7) and Mathematical Connections between Prime Numbers and Landscape of String Theory. The paper deals with the Connections System Harmonic Phi ^ (n / 7) and the research results in the context of theoretical physics. Published in the library of CNR jointly with Michael Nardelli and Joseph Bini.

  • February 2011

    Article by Michele Nardelli Christian Lange.

    Published in the research database of Professor Watkins jointly with Michael Nardelli. The paper deals with the connections of the latest version of the music system, which in addition to Phi notes, are also connected with PiGreco as part of string theory.

    On some applications of the Eisenstein Series in String Theory. Mathematical connections with some sectors of Number Theory and with Φ and π. "

    Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Largo S. Marcellino, 10 80138 Napoli, Italy 


Golden Music

Mr Lange elaborated also a new musical scale based on the Golden Proportion of Phi and PI
The Golden Proportions are often represented as Spirals, the energy of creation. It's geometrical pattern can be found everywhere in the realm of evolution, in a sunflower's center, a pine cone,a sea shell , the galaxy itself. The Golden Proportion, also known as the Divine Proportion, is the basis for the design and function of Aqua Phi.

In his book "432 Hertz: The musical revolution. The gold tuning to tune the biological music", Tristan Tuis Richard writes:" Now, if you listened to music based on the golden spiral is in some way a music for life, both at the biological and perceptual level, as would use the same mathematical both ".